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Approach To Therapy 

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
This is where we explore your unconscious and subconscious. This approach is where we discover how our past influenced our present behaviors. What makes us who we are today? With this basic foundation we begin to gain insight about why we do what we do.  


Mindfulness Based and Somatic Therapy
ThMindfulness-baed therapy is focused on being “mindful” or aware of the present moment focusing on thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It helps us to pause and shut all our thoughts so that you can focus on being in the present, in your therapeutic space. Somatic therapy is used particularly in trauma treatment as a way to reduce the stress level of our body by changing the respond of the automatic nervous system. Becuase our bodies can remember and react to our past trauma (even when our mind does not), it makes us feel “uncomfortable, on edge and anxious” with ourselves and body. We work to recognize these signs so that our body can that “you are safe.”

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/Cognitive Processing Therapy
This therapy focuses on how your thoughts and feelings affect how you act emphasizing repeated behavioral patterns while developing healthy ways to deal with our old habits. Cognitive processing therapy is grounded on the foundations of CBT methods but is focused on changing automatic thoughts we have about the trauma and why it happened rather than focusing on the details of the trauma event. It is an evidenced based therapy working to reduce symptoms of PTSD.

Motivational Interviewing
We all may be at a different stage in accepting, confronting, and changing certain part of our feelings, thoughts and actions. MI helps us to accept where we are in the stages while appreciating the progress we made thus far. It helps us to motivate in moving towards positive change.

bath salts, to wash, to clean-1620255.jpg“Growth is a Process, and change takes time……. It can be difficult, but it blooms into something so beautiful”                                                       -Butterfly

Advanced Training and Certification

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor (NY) # 010269 
  • Board Certified Psychotherapist # 1201384
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
  • TRAINING: Integrative Trauma Treatment with EMDR, CBT and Somatic-Based Interventions
  • 2-Day Intensive Training: Cognitive Processing Therapy: An Evidence-Based Approach to Treat PTSD and Related Conditions
  • Completion of Ten Best-Ever Anxiety Treatment
  • Treating Adult Survivors of Childhood Emotional Abuse and Neglect: Component-Based Psychotherapy

My Experience as a Psychotherapist

I began my journey as a psychotherapist focusing on trauma informed care. I worked with individuals with trauma histories, PTSD, psychiatric disabilities and substance use disorder through individual and group counseling at various settings (vocational center, substance use outpatient clinic, residential housing program and an intensive transitional housing program) to seniors, adults, and adolescents. I also worked with families and children through play therapy and parenting consultations. I specialize in trauma treatment and had the honor to work with many individuals in facilitating their journey to acceptance, love, and creating their new narrative. I hope I can work with you in your journey. 

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