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What Are You Struggling With?

Share with me what is on your mind today.


Reduce your anxiety, your fears and worries. Learn different days to cope with anxiety that works for you! 

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Break away from isolation,  pain and the blues. Work directly on the cause and find your peace….

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Unpack the heavy painful memories with your therapist in a safe way and reframe your new narrative. 

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Gain Insight

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I offer a free 15 minute consultation. In this consult, I answer your questions, doubts, or concerns. Let’s talk to see if we may be a great team together.

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Gain Control of Your Life & Find Balance!

                   “Your Trauma is NOT because of what you did.  
                              Your Anxiety is NOT your fault.                                                       Your Depression is NOT a on/off switch.”

How Can I Help?

If You’ve Been Through A Lot…..

Each day may feel like a struggle. Some days you feel so overwhelmed, you rely on old habits that makes you feel worse afterwards. You try avoiding, distracting, denying, but somehow you find yourself repeating the cycle of pain. 

Change is possible, Healing is possible, and you CAN end the cycle. 

This can be the beginning of your journey in learning and finding out what it is that is causing the pain so that you can work towards gaining back your control. When we understand it better, we can work on building healthy ways to deal with it. I invite you to a safe, warm, and confidential space where we can work on life challenges towards healing and finding inner peace. 

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