ANXIETY can make you feel frustrated, angry, and upset. It prevents us from being our authentic selves. It robs us of our freedom and joy. But you don’t have to feel or live this way. We can work together to gain insight into what causes your anxiety and change the way you feel.

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DEPRESSION can be experienced differently for everyone. I am here to help and work with you to gain insight about your depression and how you can decrease these painful and yet empty feelings. If you feel alone and isolated please reach out. You can get help and change.


TRAUMA, itself, is an distressing or disturbing event. When facing a threatening or stressful situation our brain and body works hard to help us survive by going into a “fight or flight” mode. But when our body gets “stuck” in the sympathetic nervous system (fight or fight mode) even when the threat is gone, it can result in post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression (to name a few). This means that it affects our mind and body which overall affects our daily lives at work, in school or in our relationships. If you have experienced. Healing is possible. Change is possible. Start today.

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