Individual Psychotherapy

How do I start?


I offer a FREE 10-15 minute phone consultation where we can decide if we may be a good fit for each other. Every therapist has their own speciality and personality. Our therapeutic alliance will be most important when starting treatment therefore it is important that you find a therapist that has the experience and expertise that fits your concerns.

What’s going on?

Initial Intake

The purpose of an intake session is to gather information so that I can get an clear and accurate picture about your concerns and needs. We will work together to create a treatment plan tailored specifically for your needs. This may include your basic background information, functioning, your history and presenting concerns.

Let’s work together.

Psychotherapy Sessions

This is the stage where we work together to reach your treatment goals. I will be your guide in gaining insight and developing coping skills. Every individual has the resiliency and strength to choose how they want to live their life. It is never too late to start your journey in reaching your full potential. Start today for a better tomorrow.

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